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Sgt. Jeff Kraft

Sgt. Jeff Kraft has been employed at the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office since January 1991. Prior to that he worked for the NJ Dept of Corrections for 3 years. In 1992 he was transferred to Vice/Narcotics as an undercover Detective for 2 years. He then transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) in 1994 specializing in fraud/economic crimes. In 1999 he transferred back to the Patrol Division and served in Community Policing. In 2004 he transferred back to CID which had been renamed the Major Crimes Section (MCS) specializing in fraud/economic crimes. In July 2009 he was promoted to Sgt. and transferred to District 1 Patrol. In January 2010 he was transferred to Administrative Sgt for District 1 supervising: detectives, community policing and school resource officers. In April 2010 he was transferred to his current position Det/Sgt supervising fraud/economic crimes. Sgt. Kraft has had extensive training relating to economic crimes to include financial crimes investigations at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Sgt. Kraft has received many commendations and awards to include Deputy of the Quarter and ribbon of commendation.

Detective Dustin Mormando

Detective Dustin Mormando began working with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in 2004. In 2009, he was promoted to Detective with the Criminal Investigations Division, where he specialized in pawn shop and auto theft investigations. He was transferred to the Economic Crimes Unit in July 2011. In his time with the Sheriff’s Office, Detective Mormando has received specialized training in several areas to include: Practical Techniques for Interviewing, Advanced Interviewing Skills, Interviews and Interrogations, Kinesic Interviewing, Truth Verification Testing and Examination Techniques, Internet Investigations, Fraud Investigations, etc… He has also received several awards to include: Character First, Deputy of the Quarter, Certificate of Commendation, Ribbon of Commendation, etc…

Detective Cole Brinson

Detective Tony Aguiar

Detective Tony Aguiar has a Associate's Degree from Pasco-Hernando Community College and a Bachelor's Degree from Florida State University. He started his career with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office in 2009 where he served as a Patrol Deputy and is a current member of the Sheriff's Office Honor Guard. Detective Aguiar was transferred to the Economic Crimes unit in June 2013 and is the unit’s newest member. He has received specialized training in Interviewing and Interrogations and Search and Seizure Case Law etc….. Detective Aguiar has received several awards to include Character First, Certificate of Commendation and Ribbon of Commendation.

Detective Irene Gray

Detective Irene Gray, graduated from the Florida Criminal Justice Standards for Law Enforcement at Pasco Hernando Community College, Gower’s Corner, FL in May 1999, and hired as a Patrol Deputy with Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in July 1999. She has been involved in several areas of Law Enforcement, to include Patrol, Field Training Officer, Crisis Response Team and Investigations. She has received specialized training in Homicide and Death Investigations, Hostage Negotiation, Crimes against the Elderly, Identity Thefts, and Financial Investigations. She joined the Major Case Section as an Economics Crimes Detective in 2005 where she specializes in counterfeit currency, ID thefts and Exploitation of the Elderly and gives classes to the public in these areas.

All Economic Detectives are part of Secret Services special task force, allowing the agencies to work together on cases involving multi-jurisdictions.

Detective Horvath

Detective Horvath has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1994. His prior responsibilities include Communications, Public Service Aide, Patrol Deputy, and School Resource Officer. Detective Horvath is a member of the Unites States Secret Service Economic Crimes Task Force and works on a regular basis with the agency. Detective Horvath has received training in many areas of expertise as related to the responsibilities of his position. As a member of the Major Case Division’s Economic Crimes Unit, Detective Horvath has received training pertaining to current trends in fraud related crimes such as identity theft, social networking, organized fraud, exploitation and cyber crimes. Dep. Horvath has received several awards and commendations to include Deputy of the Quarter.

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