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1) How do I get a copy of a Deputy’s report?

Ans) Call HCSO (352)754-6830 and ask for Records to see if the report is ready for pick up. Have your case number handy. Be advised that some reports are confidential by law and cannot be released to certain individuals so as to protect the identity of a victim(s). An example of a confidential report is a report of a child abuse. If it is a reported child abuse and NO arrest was made; only parents of victim, victim, suspects, suspect parents and/or attorney representing client w/proof can have a copy. Certain confidential information will be blackened out per public record law (Chapter119). The complainant of these confidential reports cannot have a copy and neither can grandparents. You must also show proof (photo identification) of who you are to obtain a copy of said confidential reports.

Accident reports are confidential for the first 60 days, unless you are involved in the crash and listed on the accident report. You must also bring photo identification (driver’s license) showing proof of who you are when picking up the report.

2) How do I get a Background Check/History of any arrests for myself?

Ans) A LOCAL background check is the ONLY type of background check that the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office provides. This service is free of charge. Fill out the form which the Sheriff’s Office provides with your full name, (any/all names the individual has had since birth), date of birth, and social security number of individual requesting the background check. Local means the background check will only cover arrests made by Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies. This background check does NOT include arrests made by the Brooksville Police Department or Florida Highway Patrol even if arrested in Hernando County and held in the Hernando County Jail.

3) Is there a charge for copies of reports?

Ans) Copies of requested reports require a minimal fee when the photocopies exceed nine pages (and to include the first nine pages) as follows: a. Standard 8½ x 11 inch paper - $ .15 per single side sheet, .20 per double-side sheet b. 8½ x 14 inch paper - $ .15 per single side sheet, .20 per double side sheet. Note: A victim involved in a criminal offense may obtain copies of a report at no cost.

4) Where can I get a Application Packet for a Gun Permit?

Ans) As a courtesy to the Citizens of Hernando County we have gun permit application packets at the following two locations:

Hernando County Sheriff’s Main Office
18900 Cortez Blvd
352 754-6850

Hernando County Sheriff’s District II Office
7499 Forest Oaks Blvd
Spring Hill
352 688-5000

Note: The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office does not process the applications; the State of Florida provides this service.
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