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What is the Citizen Volunteer Corps?

The Citizen Volunteer Corps was created on March 1, 2011 in order to reorganize and expand the current pool of volunteers within the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. In an effort to better serve the community and provide much needed resources to the Sheriff’s workforce, the Citizen Volunteer Corps began as a supplemental force to the existing services of the agency. With the creation of this program, the sheriff’s office is better able to make use of the volunteer services that have defined our agency through many different functions.

The Citizen Volunteer Corps is divided into two different categories or “units”:

The first category of the Citizen Volunteer Corps is the Administrative Volunteer Unit (AVU). The Administrative Volunteer Unit provides the majority of volunteer services that are utilized by the agency. Many of our AVU volunteers provide services such as filing, print copying, fingerprinting, recordkeeping, and daily administrative assistance. These valuable individuals are placed in the Intern/Clerical classification of the AVU. The second classification of the AVU falls under a programs classification. The programs classification encompasses several specific functions of the Sheriff’s Office where individuals with specialty skills are able to donate their time. Examples of these functions are the Sheriff’s Office Youth Explorer Program, training, chaplain services, public speaking events, crime prevention, and the Civilian Mounted Unit.

Click HERE to download a printable application for the Administrative Volunteer Unit.


The second category of the Citizen Volunteer Corps is the Public Service Aide Unit (PSA). The Public Service Aide unit is a program that embodies the community policing concept of building partnerships with the community. The PSA unit is an exceptional volunteer opportunity that provides a higher level of training and deep sense of satisfaction due to its extensive nature of service. PSA’s serve in the field by handling minor calls for service from citizens and by assisting patrol deputies in non-emergency cases. The PSA is an invaluable resource for the patrol division where it allows deputies to be available for higher priority and emergency calls for service. The selection process for the PSA program begins with a full application and background process which includes a personal interview prior to selection. After selection, the PSA trainee will complete a Public Service Aide academy provided by the agency. Upon completion of the academy, the trainee will enter the field training stage where he/she will be trained and supervised by a Public Service Technician. In the field training phases, the trainee will learn how to perform tasks and answer calls for service such as: abandoned vehicles, attempts to contact, criminal mischief, found property, illegally parked vehicles, minor parking lot crashes, minor theft, and traffic control to name a few. Applicants for Public Service Aide must meet all the criteria set forth by agency policy.

HCSO Volunteer Printable Application

Please call Annie Austin at 352-797-3660 for additional information about the Citizen Volunteer Corps.

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