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Florida's Adventure Coast

The world famous Weeki Wachee River is 72 degrees year round and attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. It flows through the heart of Hernando County, Florida where there are over 240 days of sunshine every year! The limitless opportunities for outdoor family activities help make Hernando County one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. If you are a law enforcement professional tired of shoveling snow or are just ready for a new challenge, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office wants to hear from you! As a fast growing county, we have immediate openings for applicants who currently work in law enforcement or who have very recently retired.

For more infomation on fun events in the Weeki Wachee area please visit the link below!

Florida Adventure Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

With 600 civilian and sworn employees, some may say we are a “big small agency” or a “small big agency.” We like to say we are big enough to offer many of the diverse career specializations offered by much larger agencies but without losing the feel of a smaller agency where most employees still know one another. We like it that way. When asked, most deputies would tell you the sheriff knows them by name. If you prefer to be an anonymous face in the crowd, our agency probably isn’t for you!
Deputies begin at $44,805.35 - $66,513.68 and depending on your experience we may start you at a higher step.
It is true that Florida law enforcement officers traditionally make less than our counterparts in Northern states but our cost of living is also considerably less! Florida has no state income tax and our cost of living is 6.1% lower than the national average ( https://www.salary.com/research/cost-of-living/brooksville-fl).
Our cost of living is 21.1% lower than Chicago, 57.1% lower than Boston and 86.5% lower than New York City. ( https://www.salary.com/research/cost-of-living/brooksville-fl)

Housing costs and property taxes here are significantly less too. The median home cost and property tax rate is less than half of many Northern areas (www.tax-rates.org )
• The median property tax in Hernando County, Florida is $1,432 per year for a home worth the median value of $156,400.
• The median property tax in Massachusetts is $3,511.00 per year for a home worth the median value of $338,500.00.
• The median property tax in Illinois is $3,507.00 per year for a home worth the median value of $202,200.00

• Step 1- Complete and submit the online application found here
• Step 2- Complete the hiring process. We will work with you and try to complete many of the steps virtually. Our goal is to have you only be required to visit once during the hiring process.
• Step 3- After successfully completing the hiring process, you will be given a job offer. Start packing!
• Step 4- Once you are hired, we will cover all training expenses and pay you to attend the Equivalency of Training (EOT) 96 hour academy which is designed for out of state officers who want to become certified as a Florida Law Enforcement Officer.
• Step 5- Upon completing the EOT Academy, you will be required to take and receive a passing score on the Florida Law Enforcement Officer Exam.
• Step 6- Once you successfully pass the exam, you will enter the FTO program. Depending on your experience and early success in the FTO program, you may be eligible for an accelerated program.

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