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Non-Emergency Line: (352) 754-6830
In an Emergency call 911

Bond Amounts / Advisory Hearings

When someone is arrested, bond amounts are determined by a bond schedule set by the Chief Judge. Domestic related charges are not entitled to a bond until seen by a judge. If the arrest resulted from an outstanding warrant, the bond amount is set by the judge who signed the warrant. If the person arrested remains in custody long enough, the arrested will attend their first court appearance (Advisory Hearing). The hearing can last from two to four hours. During this hearing, the judge may set a new bond amount or leave it the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the bond amount negotiable?
A. No. Deputies will set the bond amount according to the Hernando County Clerk of Court bond schedule. Once at first appearance the Judge has the opportunity to change those bond amounts as he deems necessary.

Q. Arrestee was arrested on a domestic related charge and not able to bond out until they see a judge, how long will it take to see the judge?
A. The arrestee will attend the next available advisory hearing. Hearings typically take place at 1:00 pm every day, but the time can change at the discretion of the assigned judge conducting the hearing. If arrested after 6:00 am Monday - Friday, they will attend the next day's hearing. If arrested after 5:00 am weekends or holidays, they will attend the next day's hearing.

Q. Can friends, family, witnesses, or victims attend the hearing?
A. Yes. You should arrive at the courthouse at least 15 minutes prior to the hearing. If you have any further questions regarding the hearings, please call the courthouse or notify the bailiff when you arrive.