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Non-Emergency Line: (352) 754-6830 | In an Emergency call 911

Non-Emergency Line: (352) 754-6830
In an Emergency call 911

Detention Center - Medical Unit

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office Detention Center Medical Unit provides medical, dental, and mental health services to inmates incarcerated in the Hernando County Detention Center pursuant to requirements of Florida Model Jail Standards and the American Corrections Association, as well as prevailing community standards. Inmates' health complaints are solicited daily and followed by appropriate triage and treatment by qualified health professionals.

How does an inmate receive medical care in the Detention Center?

The Hernando County Detention Center will provide inmates access to medical care. Inmates will need to request routine medical care via a medical request form to the nurse. These forms will be collected by Medical staff daily. Sick call will normally be held daily. There is a Doctor and Psychiatrist on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency calls regarding the inmate’s health- including dental emergencies. Dental services are conducted in house monthly. In addition, nursing staff are always on duty to dispense medications and address and medical issues an inmate may have

Are inmates charged for health-care services?

Yes. Fees are charged for each medical occurrence. Inmates shall accept financial responsibility for health care while in custody of the Hernando County Detention Center. However, no inmate will ever be denied emergency medical treatment or health-care needs for serious medical issues based on ability to pay. All unpaid medical costs will be subject to collection

Who do I contact regarding an inmate's medical concerns?

Contact the nursing staff at 352-797-3434 if there are concerns you wish to relay to nursing staff.

Can I get information concerning an inmates medical problems?

No. It is the policy of the Hernando County Detention Facility that all information pertaining to an inmate’s healthcare is kept confidential due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations. Health-care records are limited to the following:

  • Jail medical personnel
  • Other jail personnel, to the extent that the information is needed for the staff member to properly complete required duties
  • Persons for whom a release of information affidavit has been obtained from the inmate
  • Compliance with discovery requirements in preparing to defend inmate-filed litigation
  • Other circumstances consistent with Florida Statutes requirements