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Non-Emergency Line: (352) 754-6830 | In an Emergency call 911

Non-Emergency Line: (352) 754-6830
In an Emergency call 911

Inmate Property

Approved Inmate Property

Inmates may have the following items in their possession:
One (1) hygienic health kit consisting of One (1) each: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, bottle of soap, spork and drinking cup
One (1) each: mattress, blanket, sheet, towel, uniform (general population), shower slides, Bible, Torah, or Koran, address book, prescription eye glasses
Three (3) each: Underwear, 2 pair of socks
Two (2) each: sports bra’s (female only)
Three (3) each: library books/magazines
A reasonable amount of legal materials and letters

Additional items may be purchased through the Commissary, as needed.

Incoming Property

Hand delivered packages will not be accepted. Court clothes for the inmate can be dropped off to his/her attorney before trial.

Inmate Property and Money Release

If an inmate wishes to release his/her property to friends or relatives, a Property Release form must be completed and signed by the inmate and submitted to the Property Technician. Property must be picked up within 5 business days of the request. Inmates can get the form from their post Deputy.

When this is completed all of your property not in your immediate possession must be released. The only exception is one complete set of clothes to dress in upon release from this facility may be retained.

Money can be released from your account only one (1) time during your incarceration. $50.00 must remain in the account all other funds may be released. Repeated releases will not be approved.