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Non-Emergency Line: (352) 754-6830 | In an Emergency call 911

Non-Emergency Line: (352) 754-6830
In an Emergency call 911

Inmate Mail, Money, and Phones


Books and Publications:

The facility will permit books and publications to be received through the mail. Each inmate may obtain no more than 4 books/magazines for retention in their cell. Any books in excess of the 4 must be discarded or donated to the facility library. All books/publications must be mailed directly from the publisher or Internet bookstore source.

The following material will not be permitted for receipt:
  • Hardback books (unless approval is obtained through the Administrative Sergeant)
  • Newspapers
  • Books larger than 8 1/2" x 11" x 2" in size
  • Electronic reading devices such as Kindles, Nooks and tablets
Books/Publications containing the following will not be permitted:
  • Nudity, Pornographic or Sexually explicit material
  • Explanations of the construction or ability to modify electronic equipment
  • Explanations of the construction of weapons or explosives
  • Materials advocating or providing instructions on methods of escape
  • Materials advocating riots
  • Materials advocating racial, religious or national hatred, or institutional violence
  • Other material that jeopardizes the security or safety of inmates, staff or the public

Any books/subscriptions found unacceptable in accordance with the guidelines provided above will be returned to sender. The inmate will be responsible for contacting the publisher for reimbursement of funds for advanced or rejected publications. For security reasons, inserts and stamps may be removed by mailroom staff. Each received subscription/book will have the receiving inmate's name affixed either by address label, or written/stamped on the interior of the front cover. Removal of the identification will result in the publication being deemed contraband and it will be disposed of or placed into the facility library.


Donations will be received through the property section. Inmates must submit an Inmate Service Request Form, directed to the Property Clerk, requesting the book be collected for donation. Inmates found in possession of more than 4 books may face disciplinary action.

Books and publications are to be mailed to the address at the bottom of the page. All other mail must be sent to the following location:

Jail Mail Address Information:

Inmate Name & Booking ID
PO Box 1848
Pinellas Park, FL 33780


The Hernando County Detention Center inmate phone system is provided by Smart Communications. Phone account deposits can be made by family or friends by going to Smart Communications' website, or contacting their Customer Service at 727-349-1561. Please consult with Smart Communications in regard to any required fees involving deposits.

If you would like to message with an inmate at the Hernando County Detention Center, you can do so by visiting This will allow you to message an inmate as you would through text or email.

Be advised that Smart Communications inmate phone services are separate from Keefe Commissary (, and SmartJailMail ( accounts. Three-way phone calls are prohibited. If a number is identified as being used by an inmate for third party calls, that number will be blocked out of the telephone system. Abusing the phone will result in termination of phone service and/or disciplinary action.


Depositing Money into an Inmate Account

Secure Deposits™ enables friends and family members to deposit funds into an inmate’s account through the convenience of a toll free number, website or cashiering kiosk (in lobby).

Money Orders are also accepted at the facility. There is a drop off box, located in the main lobby of the Detention Center. Please label the money order with the inmate’s name and MNI number.

For example: (Money order for Inmate Account - Name/ MNI#).

Deposits can be made, directly to the inmate's commissary accounts utilizing the Keefe Commissary

How can I contact Access Corrections?
You can send an email to Customer Service at: or call toll-free at 1-866-345-1884.
How do I use Access Corrections Deposit Services?

Deposits can be added to an inmate’s account via the internet, telephone or lobby kiosk (if offered) at the facility. To make an inmate deposit via internet, customers must register online and accept the Access Corrections Terms and Conditions. An inmate deposit cannot be completed unless a profile has been established and the Terms and Conditions have been accepted. is for Keefe Commissary, and not for phones or messages.

Can I place an order for the inmate using money I added to their account?
No. Only the inmate is authorized to place orders using the funds available in their own account.
Why can’t I add money online without establishing a profile?
By law, Access Corrections is required to collect certain information from each customer before a transaction can be processed. Please be sure your Access Corrections profile is updated with your most current information.
What types of payment does Access Corrections accept?
Acceptable payment methods for inmate deposits are credit and debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logos and a valid security code that are United States issued. Please note that Access Corrections does not accept Government issued cards (i.e. Child Support Cards, EBT Cards, etc).
Can I send cash?
Cash transactions for inmate deposits are only accepted at Access Secure Deposits lobby kiosk locations, where applicable.
Can I send money to more than one inmate?
Yes. You can add or delete inmates in your profile at anytime.
When will my credit card be debited?
Usually within three banking days. This does not delay the inmate's deposit.
When will the inmate receive the money?
Once the transaction is complete and you receive your receipt number, the inmate will receive the money in his or her account. Access Corrections is only able to verify that your transaction has been processed and does not have access to the inmate’s account balance. Please contact the facility for more information.
Is there a fee to use the Access Secure Deposits service?
Access Corrections charges a service fee, per transaction, based on the amount of money added to a resident’s account. Some facilities impose an additional fee to add money to an inmate’s account. *Deposit fees may vary by facility.

Envelopes containing funds for deposit in inmate commissary accounts will still be accepted into the facility through the U.S. Mail at this time.

Cash will NOT be accepted through the mail; only money orders, cashier checks and checks from government/law enforcement agencies will be accepted. Cash will only be accepted at the kiosks located in the lobby and visitation trailer of the Hernando County Detention Center.

Checks or money orders will be mailed to the Detention Center with the inmate's name, inmate ID number, and address, labeled "Inmate Accounts." The check or money order will be written to the inmate along with "Inmate Accounts" clearly written on the memo line of the check or money order.

If anything other than money orders, cashier checks from government/law enforcement agencies is sent in, the entire contents will be returned to sender.

(Inmate's Name) (Inmate# IE:HCSO14MNI00000)
Hernando County Detention Center
16425 Spring Hill Dr.
Brooksville, FL 34604
ATTN: Inmate Accounts